Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Quilt As You Go Challenge and More

Hi.  Are you shocked?  I am!  I'm actually sharing a finished project!  One started for August, and actually done before 2 weeks are up! I'm so glad that the Island Batik Ambassador Challenge for August was Quilt As You Go.  

I've done a Quilt As You Go braid table runner before, in prints.  I knew the design would be pretty in batiks, as well, and decided to search for the pattern.  Yup, it was a search.  I knew where it was before I moved in January 2016.  I thought I knew where it was here.  Nope, but I did find it.  I grabbed some left-over pieces from Lake Life (I'm using it for a Triple Irish Chain) and got to work.  The pattern is GE Designs Braid Runner by Gudrun Erla.  
It uses 2 1/2" strips plus center square and borders, and is fairly fast and easy.  

Here's the start, with the fabrics cut, and I'm about to open the Aurifil Artisan cone of thread, because I thought it was a perfect match.  I put my walking foot on my machine, and figured out where a 1/4" seam line would be using the inside edge of the foot.  The backing is some olive green fabric I had, and I used a piece of Warm & Natural for the batting.  

 Just had to borrow Mom's table and her great vintage green ceramic vase for a photo.  Doesn't actually go with the lavender table cloth, but the vase looks great. 
It's actually finished!  Quilted.  I added feathers to the border.  I may go back and add something to the center square, but the strips are sewn together, over the batting, so they don't really need addition quilting.  Warm & Natural only requires stitching every 8 to 10", so this doesn't need more.  I did want to add to the border, though, and love doing feathers. Mine measures 55 by 17 1/2" because I made the inner (orange) border 2" instead of 1 1/2. 

Yes, it's actually a complete finish for the challenge, before the end of the month.  I'm so proud of myself, and glad I picked this pattern.  

In addition to that, I also did the first block for the #IwishyouamerryQAL.  Many of the Island Batik Ambassadors are doing it, and also choosing non-batik fabric.  But I happen to have some great Island Batik Christmas pieces floating around right now, and rather than search for the box of Christmas fabrics, decided to use what was out.  If you haven't seen the rest of the blocks, check out the Facebook page for more inspiration.  I used Aurifil 50wt 5001 Ocher Yellow for the gold ring, 2890 Very Dark Grass Green for the green snowflake print, and 2250 Red for the fun fancy stitching on the red reindeer print.  The reindeer were too large for fussy cutting in this block, but I'm saving one in case I can use it on another block.  I also decided to test some Terial Magic I had won on a blog hop.  It's a spray that makes the fabric really stiff.  I did a light spray, made sure I scrunched it through, and then ironed it dry.  It made the fabric stiff enough that I didn't need stabilizer while doing the stitches.  It's interesting, and I do like how it came out.  When I wash the quilt, it will come out, and feel like the rest of the blocks.  No stabilizer to remove from behind, so it saved some time.  Nice!

I can't wait to finish more stuff soon.  It feels so good.  I'm planning to vend my quilts and sewn items at our church's Spirit Day on September 16, so need to get as much done as possible for that.  I'll catch up when I can.  

Oh, picked #4 for my winner of my pattern on my last post.  I'll contact the person and ship that out.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  I appreciate it.  


Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Oh Baby! Quilt and more

I can't believe the month is almost over already!  It seems like I just got back from our trip to Colorado.  We had new flooring installed while we were gone, to make it easier for Mom to deal with the change (she has dementia, and I'm her 24/7 caregiver).  Most of the china closet, small desk, bookcase, and entertainment center were boxed, so we're still going through and finding the photos and things that go back in place.  We also had to wash all the dishes and glassware from the china cabinet.  I'm just grateful my brother and sister-in-law returned with us, and really helped get most of that done.  They returned to Colorado last week.  I also finally had the flooring installed in my apartment, so I'm slowly going through boxes and putting stuff in place, in my area, too.  A friend is moving, and sold me her gorgeous desk, so I replaced the old broken one I had, and I'm going through files and supplies from my move 1 1/2 years ago, as well as old stuff that was here.  Had I mentioned that I've had this apartment set up with cast-away stuff, for about 18 years, and spent time visiting back and forth, or working here, until I moved back last year?  I'm still trying to figure out what goes where in the my kitchen.  It's been a maze of boxes and piles all that time.  I'm just glad to know I've emptied some in the last few weeks.  Moving forward.  

Back to the quilting stuff, the reason you even bother to read my blog.  lol. 

Island Batik's July challenge was #OhBabyQuilts, where we were asked to make a baby quilt.  I've done quite a few with Island Batik fabrics, but this time I wanted to make one with my new published pattern, Zen Baskets.  I had some of the blues left from the Zen collection quilt I made for the cover of the pattern, and added some from the previous boxes, as well as strips cut from some of the 5" strip rolls we get.  I used this fun green swirl from the Blenders collection for one of the accent colors and the first border, and another teal and green design for the other stake.  I had enough from the Zen collection to do a an outer border, and picked up some teal cuddle type fleece for backing. The quilt will be basted and quilted soon, but the top was fast and easy, and a quick way to use a collection of 2 1/2" strips.  It's even a great beginner quilt.  

 In addition to getting this top done, I also quilted a patriotic table topper for my Sister-in-law and brother.  She loves using my quilts for her house.  She actually sewed the pieced squares for this.  I used Aurifil 50wt Mako # 3852 named Liberty, variegated red, white and blue, for the stars and swirls for the pieced part, and a dark blue for the center.  I wanted to play with the center area, and quilted similar to a feather ring, but inspired by the fireworks in the fabric design.  Arlene already has it displayed on her table, and wants to make one for Autumn when she returns to visit.  

I also pieced and stuffed a Funky Friends hedgehog and 2 bunnies, but you'll have to wait to see them.  They'll be displayed in the Island Batik booth at Quilt Market in the end of October.  I also have 2 other quilt patterns to debut at Market.  

This next piece is a UFO from last year, featuring pinks from Island Batik.  The pattern is Winter Stars, one of the Aurifil mini Designer of the Month projects from 2015.  I can't remember when I made the top, but it's finally finished.  It was # 1 for the APQ UFO challenge, which was July.  I just had to finish quilting, add the binding and hanging sleeve, and get it on the display in my bathroom.  

 Detail of the quilting, again with Aurifil Mako 50wt in white and deep pink.  
I think it looks great with my watermelon pink towels!  It felt really good to finally finish this, and get it up.  I want to touch up some of the paint in there, but the room is finally done.  The bathroom was ripped out because of black mold, just before I moved back.  I had to have new walls, shower walls, shower door, vanity and shelves installed.  I'll share more photos of the finish when I get the last of the painting done.  

Just one more step forward.  I'm trying to squeeze in more sewing time, too.  I'll be in a row hop for Christmas Carols in a few weeks, and I'm getting the design ready and instruction written.  August's Island Batik Ambassador is Quilt As You Go, so I need to get started on that, as well as finish some other quilts, including a baby quilt I made last year with Island Batik's Sea Salt Sandy.  

If you got this far, and would like to win a copy of Zen Baskets, please leave a comment.  I'll draw a name on August 6.  If you wish to purchase, please check your LQS if they carry Island Batik, or my Etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting, and following along with my adventure.  I did receive the new box of Ambassador fabric from Island Batik, but that share will be another day.  


Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Update and Curvalicious

Hi. I know it's July 1, but I actually started this yesterday.  I'm only a bit late for June's Island Batik #Curvalicious challenge.  Sort of, it's not quilted.  But the top is done, and it's very curvy.  

My plan was to make an Double Wedding Ring using the Accuquilt GO! die.  I've had it for a while, and have been wanting to try it.  My goal is to make a full size quilt using a variety of 30's prints.  I'll eventually get to that, but this was a great practice.  I cut the pieces out and started sewing, but then packed them for a road trip.  

 This is during my travels, using my 1957 Featherweight.   
 Yay!  The top is done, and will be quilted soon.  I love the colors and how it came out.  I used a mix of purple with aqua and teal accents, and the Sprinkles as background.  I have to check which fabric I have enough to bind with.  I have to use a bias cut binding, and was thinking of using the medium purple from the center of the arcs, but may end up using the darkest, where the arcs join.  This measures about 18 by 52, and will be added to my shop as soon as it's quilted.  I love it! 

Another finish to share is the quilt I made as a gift for my brother and sister-in-law, for their new home outside of Denver.  We drove to Colorado, and I asked that we find some good mountains to take photos.  We went to Silverthorne and Dillon for the day, and took photos in a park near the reservoir.  I used Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountains Majesties quilt pattern. Their new living room furniture is navy and cream,and I found a FQ assortment of Timeless Treasures' La Vie Et Blu, in shades of blues and creams, and added some other FQs I had.  I quilted feathers through the mountains using Aurifil 2783, Medium Delft Blue in the blue sections, and 2000, light sand, in the cream sections.  Both are 50wt cotton Mako threads, and I love that they accent the quilt blocks, but don't compete.  I also loved that there was little lint.  I added feathers to the borders, too.

 My brother and great-nephew are holding it, as it got a little windy during the picnic and photo shoot.  
I picked the stripe fabric for binding, and Arlene just loves how it feels.    

It's draped over one of the chairs at their new place, and the colors are so good together.  Arlene can't wait to use it when it's chilly.  It's actually almost a full size, so it's wide enough for them both to snuggle and watch a movie, and long enough to cover John's 6ft+ length.  

I also received my Aurifil Artisan box, and was thrilled.  It contained a specialty box of assorted weights and colors curated just for the Artisans, plus a small box of floss, wool, and 80wt thread, on the adorable wooden spools.  There was also a large cone for piecing, and wool and cotton color charts.  

During the road trip, we stopped in Hamilton, Missouri so I could meet fellow Island Batik Ambassador Janet Yamamoto, who works with Jenny Doan in the design studio.  Janet invited me to meet Jenny, and Ron, Jenny's husband, offered to take a photo.  It was a sweet visit, and Jenny is so friendly.  
I also went shopping, and took a quick selfie in front of the Island Batik fabrics in their shop.  

I had to laugh at the size of these Jelly Rolls on display.  I think they were 12" tall, and lots of strips, so big enough to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt for the Jolly Green Giant, lol.  

So, June has been busy and lots of fun.  I have lots more to do, too.  I need to think of a baby quilt design for July's Island Batik challenge, also. Thanks for reading. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Island Batik Modern Batik Challenge

Displaying Modern Batik Challenge.jpg

Hi!  This month Island Batik challenged the Ambassadors to make something modern.  Modern quilts, by definition, use one of the following. 
      • the use of bold colors and prints
      • high contrast and graphic areas of solid color
      • Improvisational Piecing
      • Minimalism
      • expansive negative space
      • alternate grid work
Most of my quilts are more traditional, so it's not as easy for me to play with Modern designs. I know some of my designs can be considered Modern.  This time I decided to play with negative space, as well as variations of the same block, but in different sizes.  I picked the Churn Dash block for my main element.  I chose to use the left-overs from the Zen collection I was sent to make my pattern, Zen Baskets.  The background is from an older collection, and is a pale aqua.  

This is one of the photos I shared on Instagram and Facebook, and had a few questions about the size of the blocks.  I'm glad I got questions!  As for the size, the large block is 24", and the small is 3".  I thought it was interesting that someone guessed the large block to be about 9" and that the small one should be just about an inch, total.  I'm NOT that crazy, lol.   I also made 2 6" blocks, a 9" and a 12", and assembled them into a square, using more of the Island Batik background fabric, to float them in the space.  I used random pieces of fabric, until they were all 12" blocks.  

When I added the border, it changed the look of the top, making it seem like the 2 largest blocks are floating in blue, and the others are floating in the background. Maybe I should have added a small border of the background?  If I make something similar again, I'll have to test out the borders first.  I plan to get some Minkee type fabric for the backing, as this would be a great baby size quilt.   I also plan to have fun quilting it with Aurifil.  I'm not sure if I'll get this quilted in May.  I have other secret sewing and some gifts to make.  

Some other recent news:  The pattern for Zen Baskets will be available soon.  It uses 2 1/2" strips and some additional yardage, so save one of your favorite bundles.  

And I'm now also an Aurifil Artisan!  I'm so excited.  You know I use lots of Aurifil in my work, so I'm thrilled that they will provide more thread for me to use.  

Now, if I can get a company to sponsor a long arm, lol. 

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Thanks so much for visiting!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#AdventurousApplique and more.

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Hi!  Catching up.  Here's some of what I've been doing.  As an Island Batik Ambassador, we have monthly challenges.  April is Adventurous Applique.  I don't often choose to do applique, but don't actually mind it.  It just takes more work.  But for this challenge, I decided to do a "bucket list" quilt.  A number of years ago, (more than 8), I went to The Cloisters Museum.  It's a great place to visit, just north of Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson river.  I highly recommend it if you have a chance.  The gardens are based on medieval type gardens, and the place has period tapestries, among other things.  It's very inspiring. (And a little creepy because there's a tomb).  One thing I found in the gift shop inspired me to try to do a Stained Glass style quilt.  

It's a book mark, with enamel cherry blossoms.  It's patterned after Tiffany Stained Glass and was inspired by an artist from China (I can't remember the artist, sorry!)  
I also had a book that I picked up at a school book fair. Victorian Doorways could be used as a coloring book, or for inspiration for a quilt.  I used all of the above.  

I taped 4 pieces of paper together, and drew a basic plan.  I put fusible web on the back of the fabrics, and cut them out, and then placed them on my background fabric.  I also had a roll of Clover fusible bias tape.  I know there are a few ways to do this type of quilt.  Some designers use the tape, and others use black background fabric, and fuse fabric on that, to make it look like the leading in stained glass.  In my case, I decided to use the blue Island Batik fabric for the background, and add the Clover tape and black stitching to achieve my look.  So far, all of this has been ironed down.  I do plan to add more of the Clover tape, and stitch the rest of the "leading" with Aurifil black thread, and a wide zigzag.  

So far, I'm happy with how it looks, but have lots of stitching to do.  I haven't gotten to that yet.  

Island Batik also asked the Ambassadors to make a sample with the fabrics soon to be shown at Quilt Market.  My group was Cherry Berry, and we were asked to make it Kennel Quilt size.  I used Aurifil 50wt Mako in 5001, pale yellow, for the simple quilting, using a curvy stitch on my machine.  The yellow background fabric is an Island Batik basic/blender.  
And I finally finished a long-overdue gift for my sister-in-law.  I LOVE making things for people who appreciate the care and work.  My brother and SIL recently moved to Denver. They down-sized into a condo, so the table was smaller, so my original design needed to be modified.  She loved this bunny print, so I picked pinks and greens to make tulips for the center.  It's great for Spring, not only Easter.  I had fun doing some simple quilting in the tulips and leaves, and feathers in the border.  I used Aurifil 40wt Mako in 3660, a sweet pink variegated, and Superior Masterpiece in 129, green, for the leaves.  It's the first time I tried Superior Masterpiece, and was pleased with it.  It was in the latest Ambassador box.  

Arlene was sweet and sent me a photo of the runner on her table.  And the runner on the side board in the back was made by me, too.  Really made me smile to see she was using both!  

And my friend, Christine, is preparing for her daughter's wedding.  I finished the ring-bearer pillow she designed and cross-stitched.  I added a satin frame, and back, and the handle, and stitched the pillow together, after sewing on the buttons and ribbon.  The wedding is this Saturday.  I can't wait to celebrate with her. 

 I also worked on embroidery, stitching the Aurifil 2012 DOM Reboot, and entered that in the linky to hopefully win some Aurifil embroidery floss.  This one was done with Aurifil 12wt Mako thread, and the border is Island Batik scraps.

And I'm working on a gift for the bride and groom, a lap size Triple Irish Chain quilt using Island Batik Rain Forest, a collection from 2016.  I need to finish the borders, and this probably won't get quilted before the wedding on Saturday, but it will be done soon.  The pattern is from Quilt In A Day.  
I guess I've been more productive than I thought.  I did have 3 small finishes to share, but nothing new to add to my store.  I have lots more to do over the next few weeks, so I'll try to keep updated here.  Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day.  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Furry Fridays

Image may contain: cat and text

Hi, and welcome to Furry Fridays!  I want to introduce you to two special animals who are looking for their Furever home.  First up is the pretty Carlee, a 3 year old female.  Aren't her colors and markings pretty?  You can go to Petfinder to find out more about her, and adopt her in Freeport, Florida.  
 Image may contain: cat and indoor
Bristol, our puppy, has the sweetest face!  You can find out more about her Here.  She's in Waldorf, Maryland. She reminds me of my first dog, Taylor.  Shepherd mixes are wonderful.  
Image may contain: dog and outdoor
If these two aren't near you, or were not what you were looking for, please consider adopting one from your local shelter. Use Petfinder's search for one in your area.  

Island Batik Ambassadors were asked to make kennel quilts in February.  Here's a photo of my rescue dog, Hazel, checking out the ones I made.  

Hazel was adopted as a puppy 8 years ago, from North Shore Animal League, and was a rescue. She's a sweetheart, who loves to play, and makes me laugh every day.  I got my first dog from North Shore Animal League, too.  Taylor was awesome, too.  I will only adopt pets.  I do plan to make more kennel quilts, and donate them to NSAL. 

If you haven't heard about kennel quilts, please go to The Quilt Pattern Magazine and join the Small Kennel Quilt Team.  Quilts are fast, easy to make, and a great use for scraps. The measure 12 by 18", and are not bound.  Just layer the backing, batting and top, stitch around the side leaving an opening to turn, and then stitch closed.  It's a great place to practice some quilting motifs, also.  You can donate them to the shelter that's requested them, or to your own shelter.  

A great group of companies are sponsoring this endeavor to get more pets adopted, and to make more kennel quilts.  Aurifil, Island BatikQuiltyBox, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, Benartex, and today's sponsor is Hancocks-Paducah.  You'll find fabric, thread kits, and more, all to benefit this cause.  

Please consider adopting a pet.  Unconditional love, friendship, and laughter will be part of the package.  

Thanks for reading.